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About Flexem

Flexem is an industrial IoT company that specializes in both automation and information technology

As a bridge between OT and IT, we combine traditional industrial automation products with new technologies such as IoT, edge computing, and digitalization. We offer equipment manufacturers and end users a new generation of automation and digitalization solutions, including PLCs, HMIs, remote I/Os, industrial gateways, and digital platforms, to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, optimize management, and promote intelligentization of equipment.


Core Expertise

Flexem possesses a variety of fundamental technologies and patents in areas such as HMI, PLC, IoT, and software platforms

  • HMI

    Industrial touchscreen configuration graphical compiler

    Industrial equipment remote upgrade and debugging technology

    Real-time communication management technology

    Industrial controller protocol conversion technology

    Data feedback and runtime iteration technology

    Long-term reliable embedded memory management technology

    High-performance real-time scripting technology

    System upgrade technology

    Secured industrial data storage technology

  • PLC

    Self-implemented compiler compatible with IECC61131-3

    Object-oriented programming techniques and environment

    Runtime software architecture independent from platform and hardware

    Modular embedded design component

    Brand new communication protocol based on subscription and change notification

    Integrated high-level language scripting technology

    High-speed expansion module communication technology

    Cloud-based programming technology

    Built-in IoT remote communication capability in PLC

    Local and cloud-based system execution

  • IoT

    Industrial IoT platform container-style arrangement technology

    Industrial IoT platform end-to-end security monitoring technology

    Cloud-edge collaboration technology

    Industrial IoT real-time parallel data acquisition technology

    High-speed intelligent algorithms of industrial communication protocol

    Industrial IoT real-time data streaming processing engine technology

    Industrial data visualization technology

    Industrial equipment historical data preprocessing technology

    Data communication protocol parsing engine technology

    Industrial IoT data modeling technology

Business Layout

Our business covers most of the provinces in China mainland and major overseas markets including South Korea, India, Israel, Germany, Türkiye, Canada, etc.

  • 1
    Production Center

    Shenzhen production and logistic center

  • 2
    R&D Centers

    Shanghai R&D headquarter, Wuhan R&D center

  • 200+
    Distributuion partners

    Covering most of the provinces in China mainland and major overseas markets

Development History of Flexem

  • 2010

    Establishment of Flexem in Shanghai and introduction of the first-generation touchscreen product FE2000

  • 2012

    Introduction of the capacitive industrial human-machine interface

  • 2014

    Release of the new-generation touchscreen product FE4000, along with the advanced configuration software Flexem Studio

  • 2015

    Introduction of FBox, facilitating the company's entry into the ear of industrial internet

  • 2016

    Introduction of FLexem IoT cloud platform, enabling a comprehensive industrial IoT soltuion

  • 2018

    Introduction of IoT touchscreen and IoT controller, achieving the integration between IoT and automation products

  • 2021

    Attainment of the "Little Giant" honor as a national specialized, refined, and novel enterprise

  • 2022

    Introduction of the new generation of fully integrated intelligent products, including the IoT HMIs, IoT PLCs, and industrial digital hardware and software like FlexMI

  • 2022

    Leveraging the advantages of intelligentization, the company entered various industries such as lithium batteries, new energy, and 3C manufacturing

Corporate Awards

Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Mission

    Pushing for further equipment intelligentization

  • Vision

    Making devices safer, more efficient, and smarter

  • Values

    Satisfaction for customers, persistent striving, integrity and mutual trust, innovation and progress