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FPad Series HMI

The FPad series of HMI products cater to the requirements of high-end manufacturing scenarios. Built on Web architecture design and powered by the Linux operating system, it supports Python script execution, integration with information systems (MES, ERP), and capabilities for edge-side data analysis and AI-powered operations, providing a comprehensive evolution spanning from foundational technological architecture to HMI functionality applications.

Easy-to-use and user-friendly

F5 Series PLC

The F5 series PLC's programming environment supports native IEC 61131-3, with a graphical configuration interface. It also supports ladder diagrams and ST languages, and the constructed data variables can be directly referenced at other levels. The whole programming development is done consistently using FSU software.

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Promoting intelligentization

We offer intelligent products and industrial IoT hardware-and-software-integrated solutions, helping equipment manufacturers and end users to unlock greater device value, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, optimize management, and facilitate service transformation for equipment manufacturers.

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2015-2019Industrial IoT



Lithium Battery Equipment

Lithium battery equipment comprises a large quantity, requiring easy debugging procedures, high standardization, and a significant number of repetitive modules. Flexem's products can facilitate lithium battery manufacturers to achieve engineering standardization, modular programming, multi-screen debugging, and integration with MES.

Photovoltaic Equipment

The processing stage of photovoltaic equipment is relatively complex, with high requirements for integration with MES and other software. Flexem's HMI, with its tag communication functionality, can resolve extensive data computation challenges, enable modular programming for complex processes, and facilitate integration with MES.

3C Equipment

Customers' factories need informatization and solution for large quantities of PLCs. Flexem's HMI, with its tag communication functionality, can facilitate collaborative development by multiple users and conveniently materialize factory informatization, allowing the transmission of underlying data to upper-level software.

HVAC Equipment

To provide a comprehensive remote equipment monitoring solution for the air conditioning industry, FBox can connect to PLCs and controllers on-site, wireless transmit equipment data to the remote cloud server through the wireless network, and achieve equipment remote management and maintenance through the monitoring platform.

Pump Control Equipment

Establish a remote monitoring platform for equipment to record real-time equipment operational data, enabling quick detection of equipment malfunctions and carrying out after-sales service in time.

Industry Cases