Flexem FBox

Flexem endeavors to provide the best communication solutions for the industrial devices, and connects the devices to the internet through FBox, with the most advanced cloud technology to realize large quantities of devices communication, data transmission and remote running functions. It does not only reduce the factory invest, but also help the enterprises enter industrial internet ages.


FBox is the IIoT gateway products of FLEXEM industrial IIoT solutions. It is used to connect device data to FlexCloud through broadband and WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G and other Internet access methods in the cloud platform.

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IIoT Platform FlexCloud

Flexem provides industrial devices internet solutions, and connects large quantities of devices to internet, data collection and storage, information push and devices status monitoring,managing and remote programming, maintenance function etc.

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Simple Setting ,Easy-to-use

The main advantages for FBox is simple, and you only need connect the devices through Ethernet, GPRS, 3G, 4G etc, no need local setting to realize remote devices managing, data exchanging functions.

Supports a Large Number of Devices Protocols with Various Connections

FBox supports hundreds of industrial devices drives of PLC, gauges, inverters etc, connect conveniently, and no need complicated design. With rich connections, it supports RS232, RS485, RS422 and Ethernet etc.

You can check it at any time.

You can visit or check through mobile APP, web pages, clients server, wechalt etc, and it meets the mobile working needs.

Open OPC

Supports open cloud connections, you can develop the upper software by yourself to realize the connection with Flexem cloud and data push service.

Cloud Server

The cloud server supports server groups, and the unique data pushing way to satisfy numerous devices connection simultaneously.

Data Storage in the Cloud

It supports data uploading and historical data leading function. FBox supports web disconnection protection, internet recovering functions to be sure that the historical data will not lost.

Remote Downloading

It supports PLC remote software updating and online monitoring. You can check the faculty reasons to update the device software conveniently and reduce the business trip times.

Reliable and Safe

We can provide the connection verify and password transfer, authority visit, functions authorization, safe login etc, to build safe and reliable environment during data processing.


Intelligent Machine Networking with Cloud Computing Service